kadry placeABACO Sp. z o.o. is an outsourcing firm that offers comprehensive services in personnel and payroll administration. We supply proven solutions in the personnel and payroll service. We provide the highest standard of services by optimization of labour employment costs. We prepare payrolls, maintain personal employees’ files, and prepare contracts and other personnel-related documents. In payroll services, we offer a full scope of activities inclusive of calculation of wages and salaries, severance pays, compensations, ZUS (Social Insurance Institution) contributions, and income tax. Due to our effective payroll management solution, we are able to reduce the costs while completely taking over responsibility for the payroll service starting from registering and deregistering employees in the ZUS, settlement of civil law contracts, preparation of yearly returns for the Tax Office, or provision of data and explanations in matters included in our service during ZUS and Tax Office inspections.

Our experienced staff will take over from you the obligations that are statutorily imposed on Employers. Thus, all activities related to the management of personnel and payroll matters will be performed by our experts.

Within the framework of personnel-related service, we offer to you:

  • establishment and comprehensive management of personal files,
  • filing modifications relating to employees and employers’ personal data in the ZUS registration desk,
  • consultancy in the scope of the labour, tax and insurance law,
  • provision of relevant data and explanations to respective organs and institutions, informing about changes in labour law provisions,
  • support during inspections and audits conducted by government offices, organs and institutions,
  • storage of documentation and personnel data in sites ensuring full confidentiality and compliance with the legal requirements,
  • preparation and archivization of documents of individuals collaborating on the basis of civil law contracts (order contracts or specific task contracts),
  • preparation and transmission of statistical reports,
  • overtime and night time working hours settlement and keeping working hours records, and making reports and workforce statements,
  • determination of employee entitlements, recording and settlement of files of rest leaves used by the employees and other counts of absence and disruption in work (special, unpaid, child care and maternity leaves, sick leaves, and other),

Within the framework of payroll service, we offer to you:

  • calculation of salaries and wages in compliance with the provisions of law, internal rules of employment and remuneration and inclusive of changeable data,
  • informing of changes in regulations,
  • elaboration and implementation of internal rules of employment and remuneration, Company Social Benefit Fund (the ZFŚS), making use of telephones or company cars, etc.,
  • storage of documentation and payroll data in sites ensuring full confidentiality and compliance with the legal requirements,
  • preparation of reports for the Central Statistical Office (GUS),
  • representation before government offices, organs and institutions, preparation and settlement of employment contracts, order contracts, specific task contracts and managerial contracts, remunerations for members of boards of directors and supervisory boards, both residents and non-residents,
  • drawing up and forwarding of application, declaration, settlement and amendment documents for the ZUS, preparation of monthly and yearly tax returns and tax information and shipping them to offices and taxpayers,
  • collaboration with inspectors, controllers, auditors, and financial analysts