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Our activity area is based on a widely conceived economic law and company law. ABACO provides comprehensive legal services in the field of the economic law in force for business entities operating in the territory of Poland.
Aim of our activity is to being seen by our Clients as a professional partner with guaranteed quality of service.
We offer to you:

  1. company law consultancy and corporation consultancy,
  2. tax advising and financial law consultancy,
  3. consultancy in the public procurement law,

Company law and corporation consultancy
Company law and corporation consultancy include: - incorporation and service of commercial law companies in the territory of Poland – establishment of subsidiaries and agencies of foreign companies in the territory of Poland – restructuring and transformation of commercial law companies – consultancy related to the process of winding up and bankruptcy proceedings of companies.

Tax law and financial law
This service encompasses extensively conceived current tax consultancy. In this respect we offer to you the following services: preparation of opinions in the subject of the tax system in force in Poland, taking into account international agreements – consultancy in the assessment of the consequences of tax risk of individual enterprises executed by Clients – the review of an extensive collection of judicial decisions of the tax organs and administrative courts – preparation of motions for the issuance of interpretations concerning the application of tax regulations in individual cases – consultancy in proceedings conducted before tax organs.

Public procurement law
With respect to the public procurement law, we offer to our Clients services encompassing: - consultancy and assistance in the preparation of tender offers filed in proceedings for the award of a public procurement –consultancy in the preparation of complex procedures related to the award of a public procurement – elaboration of opinions concerning the application of the public procurement regulations.