Analizy finansowe

At individual requests of our Clients, we prepare corporate financial analyses. They can be applied both in a comparative analysis of a selected business entity with its competitor and in periodical performance reviews as well as in the substantiation of one’s position with the contracting parties. A professionally prepared financial analysis constitutes the best way for winning an investor or being granted a loan by a financial institution.

Our experts will prepare for you a customized professional financial analysis that will, in a simple and clear manner, provide you with economic information on planned investment effects and the outlays that have to be incurred. By demonstrating the risk of conducting a business activity, we will depict a way to safeguard yourself against it by applying different procedures preventing risk formation in business. The time range of an investment under scrutiny included in our analyses will comprise the company’s current position as well as prospects for its further development by displaying the financial outcome obtained at each stage of the investment. Our analyses show the financial aspects of business activity in an objective manner that is clear both to individuals with a vast knowledge of the finances and to those who are not financiers.

We offer our expertise and experience in the following areas:

  • analysis and economic and financial opinions
  • analysis of possibilities of raising of capital
  • financial statement analysis
  • assessment of the contracting parties

All the types of analysis are conducted on the basis of reports transmitted to us in the shape of the company’s balance sheet, profit and loss account, and the cash flow account. All financial data transmitted to ABACO for analysis are confidential in conformity with the agreement entered into. This means that both the data themselves and the analysis outcomes are secret and will never be made public or transmitted to any third parties.