ksiegowosc podatki

We have been operating in the field of bookkeeping and tax services since 10 years. We have gained our expertise when we kept the books of different economic entities conducting economic activity in the Polish and foreign market, ranging from one-person entrepreneurs to large limited liability companies, public limited companies or subsidiaries of foreign corporations.
Each Client in ABACO is assigned a dedicated Bookkeeper who will keep its books and supervise settlement correctness and help in answering questions relative to the finance. Bookkeeping and tax services are dedicated to companies ranging from those characterized by low business activity and standard information needs on the part of the executive management and directed in particular on compliance with tax requirements, through firms that expect an expanded scope of bookkeeping service, to those most demanding clients expecting tailor-made service adapted to their individual needs.

Why to outsource bookkeeping and tax matters?
When you make such decision, you gain numerous advantages, namely:

  • you are able to focus on the principal company business activity,
  • company operation expenses are reduced,
  • you are served by experts possessing state-of-the-art knowledge,
  • time spent on filing explanations with tax offices is saved,
  • work continuity guarantee,
  • guarantee of keeping confidentiality of sensitive financial and workforce data,
  • significant limitation of the legal liability of the company management,

Within the framework of the bookkeeping service, we offer to you:

  • bookkeeping in compliance with the provisions in force,
  • formal and accounting assessment of correctness of the documentation received, in correspondence with the provisions in force,
  • keeping records of fixed assets and intangible and legal assets,
  • seeing to the timely settlement of obligations and payments,
  • preparing annual financial statements at the Principal’s request,
  • current collaboration in financial information exchange with the Principal,
  • preparation and transmission of reports to the GUS and the National Bank of Poland,
  • archivization of documents representing the basis for bookkeeping,
  • current support and consultancy in the conduct of business activity,
  • preparation of annual financial statements (balance sheet, profit and loss account, cash flow account, and statement of changes in equity),
  • other activities required by the law necessary for correct bookkeeping.

Within the framework of tax service we offer to you:

  • keeping VAT records for domestic settlement of payments,
  • keeping VAT records for intra-European Union settlement of payments,
  • keeping VAT records for settlement of payments with non-EU countries,
  • preparation and submitting VAT-7 and VAT-UE tax returns with the Tax Office,
  • keeping records of documentation for the purpose of determination of the corporation income tax (CIT)
  • preparation of draft CIT returns,
  • preparation of annual corporate income tax statement CIT-8,
  • applying for the refund of an overpaid VAT amount,
  • representation of the Principal in the course of tax audits,
  • submitting with the Tax Office applications for the issuance of a No Tax Due Certificate,
  • current archivization of documents constituting a basis for the preparation of tax returns,
  • current support and consultancy in the field of tax settlements,
  • other law-required documents and activities for the preparation of tax returns and statements.